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The body free fall: a Proposal for a useful physics Lab-experiment

 Ioannis A. Sianoudis

 Physics laboratory, Department of Physics, Chemistry & Materials Technology, Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens, Ag. Spiridonos, 12210 Egaleo, e-mail:  jansian@teiath.gr


The present work represents the description of a Lab exercise, a simple Physics experiment, with which it is possible to monitor, for pedagogical reason, the trace of a falling body and to record accurately the characteristic motion of the free fall. The performance of this experiment is based on a simple apparative configuration and on a modern measurement Lab technology (interface, sensor, software, computer). The collection, processing and presentation of the measurement data, and the final comments of the results, increase for the student his possibility for  better understanding the certain physical phenomenon. Therefore this experiment represents a proper and useful procedure for educational proposes.


Free Fall, simple accelerative motion, reactive voltage, Excel, PC interfacing, sensors

                                                                                                             [video 1]
                                                                                       [video 2]