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Kinetics of Cement Hydration produced according to ELOT EN 197-1 model: Design, Repeatability and methods Reproducibility, Hydratiopn parameters Correlation


D.C. Tsamatsoulis, C.A. Stathoulopoulou, L.A. Prelorentzos


In the present study the hydration of the cement produced according to the ELOT EN 197-1 standard was examined. A description of the experimental study was made concerning the range of variables and the analysed cement types that were selected.  The reproducibility of the heat of solution was measured and studied during the calibration of the calorimeters according to the standard pr EN 196-8. The repeatability of the loss on ignition was studied according to the same standard. The results were considered as adequate.  A correlation was achieved between the heat of hydration and the loss on ignition caused to the chemically bound water. This correlation was for cements that did not contain pozolanic materials. In this case, each 1% increase of the bound water provides an increase of the heat of hydration by 13 cal/gr.