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Implementation of a Software Phantom for the Assessment of Contrast Detail in Digital Radiography

Meletis Liaskos2, Christos Michail1, Nektarios Kalyvas2, Adrianos Toutountzis1, Stavros Tsantis2, George Fountos2, Dionysis Cavouras2 and Ioannis Kandarakis2*

1 Department of Medical Physics, Medical School University of Patras 265 00 Patras, Greece

2 Department of Medical Instruments Technology  Technological Educational Institution of Athens Ag. Spyridonos, Aigaleo, 122 10 Athens, Greece

 Corresponding author:  kandarakis@teiath.gr


Abstract. The aim of the present study is to simulate a commercial contrast detail phantom - (CDRAD 2.0 phantom) used in the evaluation of both digital and analog radiographic units. This phantom is suitable for the estimation of low contrast resolution. The software phantom was developed in the Matlab 7.01 platform. The results of the software phantom were evaluated with the ones obtained on a digital radiographic unit (DIAGNOST Philips Medical Systems) and showed a very good agreement. The software phantom uses tabulated data for the X-ray spectra and attenuation coefficients in order to simulate the CDRAD images as well as the contrast details versus X-ray energy and phantom depth. This software phantom provides an easy, fast and reliable method for the evaluation of contrast detail in radiographic units (both digital and analog) with the use of a personal computer.

Keywords: Software Phantom, Contrast detail analysis, Digital Radiography.