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Medical & Bio-tech Applications of Genetic Engineering –A review


R. N. Okigbo1*, Ramesh .R.Putheti2* and Madu ,Ndubisi C1


Department of Botany,Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka,Anambra State, Nigeria.

 2* Member,American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

1,2* Email: okigborn17@yahoo.com; rutwikusa@yahoo.com.




Genetic engineering is an indispensable and most efficient tool man has used to manipulate the genetic information of living things.  It has been restructuring and re-modifying various sectors of human activities (Medical and Agricultural).  Its agricultural application involves production of (GM crops) genetically modified crops that maintains stable food production with improved characteristics of being pest resistant, herbicide tolerant, early maturation, long shelf life which is not feasible through cross pollination or breeding. It medical applications are production of gene products using micro organisms (bacteria), offering molecular and diagnostic test of disease causing agents, both in man and animals (plants are not exempted).  In spite of all the benefits offered by genetic engineering in our society, there are problems encountered in this field of study.  These problems are human health risks (allergenicity), socio-economic problems, and environmental hazard (gene transfer-to non-target organism).  Although all these seem quite overwhelming, genetic engineering has promised to improve the health status and ensure food security if properly adopted in our African society. Although Genetic engineering is a very young and is only possible due to developing of biological techniques. Genetic engineering has wide, applications in modem biotechnology. For various industrial processes, this technique may be used in microorganisms as well as with higher organisms. The principle involved is the construction of plasmids of desired biochemical characteristics.

 This review is mainly focused on the approaches and applications of genetic engineering, positive and negative impacts of genetic engineering