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ASIC Hardware Implementation of Dual Mode Traffic Light Control


Fazal Noorbasha and Ashish Verma


Laboratory of VLSI and Embedded Systems, Department Of Physics and Electronics,

Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar, M.P. INDIA – 470 003

E-mail:  skfazalahmed@rediffmail.com



This present work describes an ASIC Hardware Implementation of Dual Mode traffic light control. With this device, the logic operation is controlled or operated by two modes. In Mode-1, the system is operated with perfect period of timing and proper sequence states rotation automatically. In Mode-2, system operated desired states or roads directly. The device is designed in CMOS logic transistors and also logic gates. We developed the 90nm technology Layout. This simple optimized, low voltage and cost effective ASIC device finds potential application in every four-road junctions as well as to teach traffic lights observation demo classes.    

 KEYWORDS: ASIC, 90nm, CMOS, Layout and Dual Mode.