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Youth Writing in Public areas:
Visional-rhetorical external appearance or lexical-subjective stance?

 Konstantinos Lambropoulos

e-mail: lampropl@gmail.com


 The (epi)graphical youth activity on the citys walls is registered in the general historical frame of a romantic mood. Young people nowadays, in an environment inscribed with lexical shapes and depended on spectacular social connections, do nothing else than copy the mythical element of the modern world. Beyond this however, because of their age peculiarities and their closeness to the mother-archetype nature of the human world the emotional interrelation which is the womb of their sociability young people are led towards a more primitive and dynamic conception of this mythical element. In this way they create epigraphs on the empty walls and with new-born formalism they inscribe their lexical-aesthetic conceptions and sign in their own style and ethos this social-mythical treaty.