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Evaluation of Seismic Mitigation of Embankment Model


DOS in Geology

Mysore University

Mysore 570006


Email: ab_namdar@yahoo.com


Conducting experiment on embankment model by shaking table could be one of the accurate methods to evaluating behavior of embankment when it is under seismic loading. Dynamic force is responsible for nonlinear stress in the system. When the model is under dynamic loading, suitable arrangement of dense zone in the subsoil is the main factor at the play in embankment stability. In this paper for mitigate seismic force was applied up on the embankment model, the results of three experiments have been considered to assessment function of dense zone installed in different location of the subsoil. The stress in the system has been measured and photographs were taken for presenting reaction of the embankment model. At final the results of three experiments indicated possibility of understanding embankment behavior when it is under seismic force.

 Keyword: Liquefaction, Stress, Dense Zone, and Pore Water Pressure